Chattanooga Elopement at Lula Lake

February 21, 2021

Emily + Chris || Lula Lake Land Trust Chattanooga Elopement

Where do you go if you want an adventurous Chattanooga elopement day in a beautiful location without the worry of crowds? Lula Lake, of course! Lula Lake is a Land Trust on Lookout Mountain just outside Chattanooga, Tennessee. A true Chattanooga gem, Lula Lake was established as a land trust in 1994 and has since worked hard to protect and preserve the rock creek watershed. While there are many scenic locations in and around Chattanooga, Lula Lake holds a special place in my heart. As someone who fully supports conservation, I love the work that Lula Lake is doing to help protect and maintain our precious outdoor spaces. I also happen to think that Lula Lake is one of the best elopement locations in the southeast. This unique location offers some of the best scenery in the area and you can have it all to yourselves for your Chattanooga elopement. 

Emily and Chris were one of the first couples to elope at Lula Lake. As big outdoor enthusiasts they love spending time in the woods. It was clear from the beginning that they wanted an adventurous wedding day. We worked together to find the perfect location. They wanted somewhere scenic where they could include some light hiking in their day. They also wanted somewhere that felt somewhat private. They didn’t want to worry about crowds or being in a popular spot. Lula Lake was the perfect place! 

First Look and Exploring Around the Waterfall

Emily and Chris wanted to do a first look so they decided to hike to the waterfall and change into their wedding attire at the base of the falls. They had their first look next to the waterfall and it was such a beautiful moment. I always love to see a groom’s reaction to seeing his bride in her dress. We had been a little nervous about the weather up until this point. It had been raining all day until about 30 minutes before the first look. We were all so joyful that the rain had subsided and the weather turned into a perfectly overcast day. 

After the first look we explored around the waterfall. Being at the bottom of a 100ft waterfall is such a treat! Even though it was a June day, it wasn’t particularly hot for the south, and yet the spray from the falls felt wonderful and cooled us off. One of the unique things about the waterfall at Lula Lake is that you can walk right up to the base of the waterfall. There is plenty of room to explore! 

Mountain Overlook Ceremony

We then headed to the trail that leads to the mountain overlook. The North Georgia mountains were looking especially gorgeous with low hanging clouds from the recent storms. Evening time at the overlook is beautiful. Looking out over the edge of Lookout Mountain, it feels as though you can see forever. 

Emily and Chris are both from Taiwan and have friends and family all over the world. They wanted to share their Chattanooga wedding ceremony with their family and friends so they set up a live stream for others to join in. One of the things that made their ceremony special is that they read their vows in Mandarin. After the ceremony they celebrated by popping a bottle of champagne, doing their own secret handshake, and enjoying the mountain view. 

At this point we could see storms rolling in over the distant mountains and decided it was time to head back down the trail. Emily and Chris made it back to the cars just as the first rain drops started to fall. How amazing that the rain held off long enough for them to enjoy their Chattanooga elopement day at Lula Lake! One thing to keep in mind when planning your Chattanooga elopement, is that, certain times of year the weather can be unpredictable. While a little rain never hurt anyone, it’s always a good idea to have a plan b and sometimes even a plan c! That’s why I offer so much more than just photography in my elopement packages!

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